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We are NSM Lawyers.

A law firm established in 2018 that follows the firmness of old principles and tradition, combining it with innovation and technology. We constantly endeavour to help all our clients, both domestic and foreign, without letting distance get in the way of the necessary closeness. Our commitment to trust and thoroughness is a key element, as is our dedication to transparency and flexibility. Such values are pursued by our knowledgeable and experienced team, which represents a new generation of lawyers. We see ourselves as a group that is committed to the legacy of legal practice, following it comprehensively in the most varied areas of law and in the most relevant sectors of economic activity.

NSM is founded on core values such as trust, precision, transparency as well as responsibility. Our work culture is based on a constructive approach to client relations, meeting their needs and providing solutions swiftly and efficiently.

NSM is a committed, dedicated and available team that aims to provide a strict and prompt service in the most varied areas of law, with individualised service for each client.

NSM is made up of highly experienced lawyers with in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge of the law, who are united in their firm determination to provide a differentiated, value-added service in which the client is the sole subject of our dedication

NSM values any action that contributes to a fairer society. As part of this commitment, we offer legal advice free of charge - Pro Bono - to entities that lack resources, solidarity organisations and charitable causes, disadvantaged individuals or institutions dedicated to cultural, social or educational activities. NSM is committed to a set of principles on which it bases its activity and acts with a demanding sense of institutional and social responsibility.

We are NSM Lawyers.

Old Principles. New Generation.

Our services

Real Estate

We are a law firm that opens new doors for clients. And keeps its own wide open.

In the real estate law practice area, NSM normally provides advisory services on all types of real

estate transactions carried out by NSM's clients, from large-scale developers and property

investment funds, to medium-sized private investments, including entities specifically engaged in

property management activities. Besides other assignments, NSM advises clients on property due

diligence processes, purchase and sale agreements and sale lease back operations.

NSM also provides advice on drafting and negotiating works contracts, subcontracts (including

litigation support for works contracts) and construction supervision contracts, as well as monitoring

the contractual execution process.

In its experience in real estate law, NSM has handled innumerable situations relating to lease

agreements, including amendments to contracts, updating rents, eviction proceedings, as well as

acquisitions and operations to create horizontal property and condominiums.

Commercial and Corporate Law

The attention your company deserves. Regardless of whether it's small, medium or large.

NSM offers permanent legal advice to companies in various fields of economic activity, including

corporate groups, covering all facets of their activities, from their formation, evolution and current


Among the operations on which NSM provides legal advice are the incorporation of companies,

transformations, share capital increases and cuts, other statutory changes, mergers and

acquisitions, joint ventures as well as all types of corporate restructuring.

In the day-to-day running of companies, NSM prepares and participates in General Meetings and

meetings of the Boards of Directors of its clients, including providing legal secretarial services,

namely drawing up minutes, drafting letters of mandate and legal certification of copies. NSM also

provides counselling on the liabilities and responsibilities of shareholders and directors,

accompanying the negotiation and drafting of shareholders' agreements, supplementary and

ancillary payments and shareholder loans.

Golden Visa and Nationality Processes

We offer counselling to clients who are already in Portugal and to those who wish to move here.

NSM provides advisory services to Foreign Investors, who are already resident or wish to reside in

Portugal, under the special system for granting and renewing residence permits for investment

activities in Portugal, in order to obtain the ARI / GOLDEN VISA authorisation.

Taking into account the special scheme for granting and renewing residence permits, with no need

for a residence visa, for investment activities in Portugal, NSM has a department specially geared

towards advising investors on how to obtain the ARI / GOLDEN VISA permit, accompanying them in

the process of establishing residence and providing investment advice, as well as creating a set of

special conditions for the follow-up of processes to obtain the ARI / GOLDEN VISA.

NSM's legal support services in the process of obtaining a visa comprise advice, preparation and

monitoring of the entire process of obtaining a visa and its renewal.

NSM also provides services in the process of obtaining Portuguese nationality through Jewish


Litigation and Arbitration

We find effective solutions that are tailored to the real world.

NSM's Litigation and Arbitration practice area comprises a team of lawyers who specialise in civil

and commercial litigation, as well as insolvency and restructuring.

The NSM lawyers in this practice area have wide-ranging experience in civil and commercial dispute

resolution and arbitration, providing legal advice to national and international clients in a wide

variety of sectors, including lawsuits relating to rights arising from individual and collective labour

relations, contractual and non-contractual civil liability actions, credit recovery and restructuring,

injunctions, declaratory actions and enforcement actions, insolvency and company recovery

actions, precautionary procedures, enforcement of national and international judgments and

arbitration awards, enforcement of credit guarantees (pledge, mortgage, surety insurance, bank

guarantees, promissory notes, bills of exchange, cheques), enforcement of foreign court rulings,

proceedings for the annulment and nullity of company resolutions, legal actions relating to real

estate (lease contracts, works contracts, contracts for the transfer of operations, promissory

purchase and sale contracts).

Labour Law

The assistance you need in each and every process. The best advice at every stage of your

company's journey.

In the area of labour law, NSM advises a number of companies in various industries, drawing up

employment and service contracts, where applicable, drafting all the legally necessary

documentation for the employer and providing legal advice on the most diverse labour

contingencies that arise in the day-to-day running of NSM's client companies.

NSM also assists with negotiated and administrative termination of employment contracts,

disciplinary procedures for the application of the various legal types of disciplinary penalties, in

addition to dismissal, as well as labour restructuring procedures, including job cuts and collective

redundancies. NSM also provides legal representation in the corresponding legal proceedings.

NSM also has experience in preparing and drafting due diligence reports in the context of corporate

restructuring, for the purpose of identifying and preventing labour contingencies.

Also in the area of labour law, NSM provides legal advice to company managers, directors and

administrators in the context of social security.

Finally, a brief note to convey NSM's expertise in monitoring administrative offence proceedings

arising from labour law-related situations.

Administrative Law and Public Law

Unrelenting support. No unrealistic scenarios.

In the area of administrative and public law, NSM advises on administrative litigation, contract and

tender formulation processes, public procurement, execution and renegotiation of public contracts,

projects and infrastructures, and expropriation processes.

NSM also renders legal advice to a wide range of public and private organisations in the field of

administrative and public law. The services provided concern issues of general administrative law,

but also of specific administrative law (namely the environment, town planning or public contracts).

Criminal and Misdemeanour Law

We have the boldness and energy to go beyond. Regardless of the lawsuit.

NSM has vast experience in criminal litigation, perseveringly defending the interests of its clients,

whether they are the defendants or the plaintiff, at all procedural stages.

The areas of economic and tax crime are becoming increasingly important in the firm's activity.

Given their particular complexity, NSM's lawyers have the necessary technical expertise and a strong

sense of organisation to effectively protect clients.

NSM's team of lawyers also deals with administrative and tax offence cases on a daily basis

Family and Succession Law

The help you need for professional and personal problems.

NSM has a vast experience in assisting private clients, with a particular incidence on family law

issues, such as divorce proceedings, legal separation, regulation of the exercise of parental

responsibilities, among others.

NSM's aim is to lead the negotiation towards a divorce agreement by mutual consent, always with

the greatest readiness to achieve consensus between the parties, namely by drawing up legally

required agreements, sharing the couple's joint assets and regulating the exercise of parental


NSM is also specially orientated towards providing services in the area of inheritance law, providing

clients with a team experienced in resolving inheritance issues, with special emphasis on negotiating

out-of-court sharing agreements and conducting probate proceedings (notarial and judicial).

NSM also has the requisite experience in the planning of arrangements after death, namely in the

drafting of wills, in order to find and implement solutions that are suited to the specific family

circumstances and particularities of each case.

Restructuring and Insolvency

We never compromise on finding a solution for your company.

NSM provides legal advice and legal representation to companies in a situation of insolvency or that

are in a position to present insolvency plans, with a view to the company's recovery.

NSM also has experience in accompanying and advising companies in a crisis situation, namely in

the context of negotiation procedures aimed at regularising their liabilities and corporate

restructuring, so as to avoid insolvency, namely through the Special Revitalisation Process.

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