About Us

NSM Lawyers, established in January 2018, is a medium-sized law firm based in Lisbon, Portugal, providing comprehensive legal services to its national and foreign clients, in the most varied areas of law and in the most relevant sectors of economic activity.

NSM Lawyers bases its activity on core values such as trust, accuracy, transparency and accountability, and develops a work culture that takes a constructive approach to client relationships, meeting their needs and seeking solutions with speed and efficiency.

NSM Lawyers is made up of a dedicated, devoted and available team that strives to fulfil a rigorous and fast service, with individualized attention to each client. It is made up of experienced lawyers with a deep theoretical and practical knowledge of the legal reality, and united in the firm will to provide a differentiated and value added service.

NSM Lawyers values every action that contributes to a fairer society. Under this commitment, we provide free legal advice – Pro Bono – to entities that do not have resources, solidarity organizations and causes, individuals in need or institutions dedicated to cultural, social or educational causes. NSM respects a set of principles on which it operates and acts with a demanding sense of institutional and social responsibility.

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