Labor Law

In the area of labour law, NSM provides legal advice to various companies from various economic sectors, drawing up employment and service contracts, and where applicable, preparing all legally required  documentation for the employer and providing legal advice at the level of the various labour contingencies that arise in the daily lives of NSM client companies.

NSM also monitors procedures for termination of employment, business and disciplinary procedures, disciplinary procedures for the application of various legal types of disciplinary sanctions, in addition to dismissal, and labour restructuring procedures, including job termination and collective dismissals. NSM also provides representation in the corresponding lawsuits.

NSM also has experience in the preparation and execution of Due Diligence reports, within the scope of corporate restructuring, with a view to detailing and preventing labour contingencies.

In the Labour Law area, NSM provides legal advice to managers, directors and administrators of companies, within the scope of Social Security.

A last brief note to convey the valence of NSM in the follow-up of administrative offenses proceedings resulting from situations related to labour law.

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